The Journey Begins

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I have decided to start this blog to coincide with a marketing push (which I hope to start one day) for the software I develop as part of my job.

I am in the very early stages of being able to grow my business with a (Hopefully) sellable product, and intend on utilising this blog to provide a commentary on my progress.

I have been developing software using Delphi since version 1 was released in the early 90s. Primarily I have been developing ID Card Production and Management Systems for the majority of that time. Up until 2005 I worked for a local company writing the ID Card Production software they used in-house, however wishing to expand my business experience I decided to start-up my own business and contract my services back to them.

Whilst I continued to provide services (Maintenance/Updates of their current programs, as well as network administration and hardware support) I also started to develop new systems from scratch where my own company would own all the IP, and be able to eventually market and sell/license the software to other users/businesses.

Now after many years working on the new systems I am nearing when they will be releasable, or at least developed to a point where I could look to test them under production conditions. With this in mind I have done some research covering SEO, Content Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Start-ups and I intend on using this blog as my first steps in the journey where I take my business from being a one man band, to being a successful provider of ID Card Production and Management Systems.

One of the difficulties with being a one man band is the various roles that I have to fulfil, and there is a fear that I will fail in some areas. However I believe as long as I’m aware of that distinct possibility I should be able to make efforts to avoid or at least reduce the consequences of any such failures.

Also I feel due to the fact that I don’t have a finished product, and have no sales as yet I will need to bootstrap the business and bring it to a certain level before I can even attempt to attract external investors. To be honest I wish to take this as far as I can without external help, however I haven’t ruled that out should the need arise.

So this is where my journey begins, I thank you for taking the time to show an interest and look forward to reading any comments/ideas/suggestions you may have for the development of not just this blog and content, but also my software and business.




About Anthony Dowling

Founder Sjones Limited, focusing on developing ID and Security Card Solutions. Long time Delphi Developer. @AntDowling
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2 Responses to The Journey Begins

  1. Paul M says:

    Good stuff Ants!! Don’t be afraid of failure – if you don’t fail some of the time, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. It’s right to limit damage/risk though, as long as it doesn’t prevent you pushing yourself and your ideas to the limit.

    Looking forward to reading progress!

    • Anthony Dowling says:

      Cheers Paul,

      Completely agree with you, learned a lesson long ago that applies across many fields, if you don’t fail somewhere along the line then you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough, and you don’t know what your limits are.

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