Terian Blog details have moved

Oooops, this post has been on my list of things to do for a couple months. Alas as a completionist and wanting to ensure I move the Trello card for this task to the ‘Done’ column here is this post, albeit possibly a bit too late.

Anyways, after years of posting Terian related posts on this blog, earlier this year I moved them all to a separate blog terian.blog. The intention was that it would then make this personal blog less cluttered so we could see additional posts regarding the actual journey from Code to Sales.

This was good in theory however as you can see I haven’t posted much here unrelated to Terian in the past three years.

The good news is that anyone wanting to keep up to date on Terian now has a one stop shop and it’s even linked from the main Terian website

Well with this tidied up a bit, hopefully it’s not too long until the next update.


About Anthony Dowling

Founder Sjones Limited, focusing on developing ID and Security Card Solutions. Long time Delphi Developer. @AntDowling
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