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Founder Sjones Limited, focusing on developing ID and Security Card Solutions. Long time Delphi Developer. @AntDowling

Evolution of an ID System – Part 5

The fifth overhaul of the ID Systems is higlighted by the public release of Terian ID Creator (Terian IDC) in June 2014. With the initial project starting in 2011, Terian IDC was designed from the ground up to overcome the … Continue reading

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Data to the Cloud

Recent hardware failures have helped justify embracing cloud storage. With various providers offering a significant amount of space for a nominal fee, it seems like a no brainer to store my data in the cloud. There are plenty of cloud … Continue reading

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Yay for Backups

It’s been a busy couple of days rebuilding a 6TB file server. Unfortunately just over a week ago due to severely bad weather we had some power outages, even more unfortunate was at that time the file server was sitting … Continue reading

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Adwords Campaign – A waste of money

With the conclusion of the Terian Adwords campaign on April 1st, I can confidently say: it was a waste of money. Stats: Conclusion: Yes, that’s right, not a single copy of either ID Creator, or Image Capture Pro was purchased … Continue reading

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Terian Adwords Campaign – A questionable venture

I have played around a bit with Google Adwords campaigns for both Terian Image Capture Pro and Terian ID Creator over the past couple of months with some interesting results. Firstly, I will admit the following meme comes close to explaining my experience … Continue reading

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I’m now a Chartered IT Professional (CITPNZ)

As a member of the Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) I saw the benefits of becoming an IT Certified Professional (ITCP) and obtained certification in 2010. As of 1st February 2015, this previous certification has transitioned to become Chartered IT Professional (CITPNZ). … Continue reading

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App Tethering with Delphi – A Remote Track-Pad App

Problem: At home I have a PC based media centre with which I use a Logitech wireless keyboard with integrated track pad. However, often the case arises where I am lying on the couch and only need mouse functionality but … Continue reading

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Pushing the Positive

During development of Terian ID Creator I’ve been concerned with the reliance on Adobe Indesign as the design and printing engine, especially when compared to other ID Creation software that include built-in design and printing engines. The primary focus of … Continue reading

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A quick (1 min) value demonstration video for Terian ICP

One of the main issues when discussing Terian Image Capture Pro with people is how to quickly get across the value proposition of the product. Not only do we need to convey quickly what the product does, but how it … Continue reading

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Terian Website Design v2.0 rolled out

So I needed to make a few minor adjustments to the Terian website to tidy things up, and add a landing page for ID Creator. The ideas I had in my head for this update weren’t extreme, however they still … Continue reading

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